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The H3 team of professionals can also assist in locating tenants for investors’ residential properties, utilizing our ASAP Program:
H3 Capital ASAP Program H3 Capital markets properties via the Internet, online classifieds, major search engines and traditional advertising methods. These methods include Yellow Book, SBC Yellow Pages, signage and print media ads. In addition, our close relationships with local newspapers, colleges and Scott Air Force Base provide us with additional promotional opportunities.  
H3 Capital ASAP Program H3 Capital views tenant selection as one of the most important services provided to our client investors. Each prospective tenant is required to complete a detailed application. From that, we perform credit checks, background checks and sex offender registry checks. In addition, we verify rental and/or ownership history, references, employment and income.  
H3 Capital ASAP Program H3 Capital approves prospective tenants after all of the extensive safeguards are completed. Once accepted, the prospective tenant is required to sign a lease, compliant with all local and state laws, and provide a security deposit.  
H3 Capital ASAP Program H3 Capital’s approved tenants are provided with a list of tenant services and a checklist of any policies, procedures and/or requirements of the property. In addition, he/she is provided with an instruction letter, outlining the expectations of H3 Capital and our client investors regarding payment method and care for the property. Finally, prior to moving in, the tenant is given an inspection of the property.  

H3 Capital’s ASAP Program is designed to aggressively screen, qualify and place tenants in a prompt, reliable manner for our clients.

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