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The financial collapse of the past few years is the most compelling reason buyers should turn to H3 as their Buyers Agent when purchasing a home. There are some benefits that tend to favor home buyers including housing prices, low mortgage rates and a record number of foreclosed properties. However, real estate transactions in the current market are more complicated than ever before. People looking to buy residential property, whether for a primary residence, a second home or as an investment property need an advocate dedicated solely to their interests to navigate the process of modern real estate.

H3’s agent’s help homeowners determine the real value of the property, analyze the financing options available, and help with the paperwork and inspections. H3’s agents also determine rental values and the rental market outlook for investment properties. Opportunities abound, and H3’s agents will assist buyers through even the most complex transactions, such as foreclosures, bank-owned properties, or short sales. H3 Capital’s agents are authorities in current market conditions, laws, regulations, financing, rehabs, and investment properties, etc. We give our clients confidence we will be on their side and their side only throughout the entire process, from the property search, negotiations, closing and everything in-between.

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